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  1. I am Tax Exempt and I want to place an order. When do I send my Tax Exemption, before or after I place my order?
    You must send your Tax Exemption documents before placing your order. We cannot remove tax after an order has been invoiced.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2.  Will my order ship today? East coast destination orders must be placed before 3PM Eastern Time. West coast destination orders must be placed before 3:30PM Pacific Time.Central destination orders are subject to stock availability and may ship from multiple locations. You may Call Us for availability and ETA's any time during business hours.


  1. I am trying to send you an email but the email bounces back.
    Make sure you whitelist or allow sales@cabling-supplies.com emails in spam filters.


  1. I am having problems using the site using Apple Safari.
    Safari for Windows is no longer supported by Apple. If you are on Mac OS, make sure you have the latest updates installed via Software Update or Mac App Store. Please contact us as we have mixed reports from Safari users.


  1. My login does not work anymore.
    Just call us at (754) 400-0867 and we will be more than happy to reset your account password.


  1. I cannot find the products I am looking for. I've purchase the items before.
    Send us an email at sales@cabling-supplies.com or call us at (754) 400-0867 and we can tell you if we still have stock on the item you are looking for.