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Product Code: 12112-186ST/S/DB

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Stranded, Shielded, Direct Burial 18AWG, 6 Conductor, 1000ft., Wooden Spool, Black


Our security cables are designed to meet the diverse requirements of modern applications, providing a reliable solution for various security and communication systems. The cables are ideal for remote control of security, intercom, and sound systems and can also power limited-control circuits or burglar alarms.

  • Ideal for Remote Control of Security, Intercom, and Sound Systems
  • Can also be used for Powering Limited-Control Circuits or Outdoor Applications
  • Bare Copper Conductors
  • PVC Outer Jacket
  • Available in Wooden Spool

Solid or Stranded?
Solid Cable is recommended for all horizontal runs, between wiring closets, and lengths over 25 feet. The maximum recommended length is 100 meters (328 feet).

Stranded Cable is built to withstand the repeated flexing, common in PC-to-wall plate applications, without damage to inner conductors. Because of higher attenuation, it is recommended for short runs of 25 feet or less.