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Brand: J2R

Product Code: 11072-1041WH6QPS

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RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial

High-Grade RG6 Coaxial Cable Suitable for Digital HDTV Applications, CATV, Outdoor TV Antennas and Digital Satellite Installations

  • 18AWG Copper Clad Steel Conductor
  • PVC Jacket, CM, CL2 Rated
  • Sweep Tested to 3GHz
  • Sequential Foot Markers to keep track of cable length
  • Supplied in 500ft plastic reel

Dual Shield vs. Quad Shield
RG6 Quad shield and RG6 Dual shield are pretty much identical in terms of signal loss. However, when it comes to rejecting interference, Quad is far superior and should be used in high EMI environments. If there is absolutely no chance of interference, Dual would be fine.